About Wizards Of The Grimoire

Wizards of the Grimoire is a two-player card drafting strategy game where you face off against your opponent, casting spells to ultimately defeat them.


The Wizards of the Grimoire are a special sect of wizards sworn to protect the eternal book of spells. Our story begins with the sudden death of the Archmage Andor, head of the sect and Keeper of the Grimoire, who is entrusted with safeguarding this all-powerful book. As is tradition, his two proteges must now duel to the death to determine who will take up his seat.


Players draft one spell each turn from a common pool in order to create the spell repertoire they will use throughout the game. These spells are placed face up in front of each player. 

Players then gain mana and use it to activate their spells. To do this, players must place a number of mana cards upon their individual spells, equal to the cost of each spell. Once a spell has mana cards on it, it cannot be used until it has finished its cooling down, similar to how a spell takes time to cooldown in an MMORPG. This phase takes place at the beginning of each turn, where players discard one energy off of each of their spells, thereby reopening spells for use. 

Successful gameplay requires players to think multiple turns ahead - drafting the spells that work together and managing their cool-downs effectively, so that they are able to deal the most damage. However, you must do this all while your opponent is trying to stop you - they may take spells you want, discard mana from your hand or block your spells from use.  

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